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never allowed to happen (1/1)

Title: Never Allowed To Happen
Author: zrisj
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Rating: NC17
Summary: Eduardo accidentally sees Mark naked and finds himself jacking off to it in the Kirkland suite.
Word Count: 1408
AN: Written for the TSNathon. GO WINKLEVOSS!

The first thing that Eduardo does every morning when he wakes up is to go on a trip to the bathroom, wherever he is, including Mark's Kirkland suite. He woke up alone in the dorm, so he assumed everybody was already out for some reason or another.

Eduardo rolled off the sofa, catching himself with his feet to stand up. He stretched his arms as he blearily made his way towards the bathroom.

This was a usual thing, Eduardo was always sleeping over because he got lonely in his singles room, and he was always welcomed to come and hang out here, so he was here whenever it pleased him.

He remembered not being completely sober last night, but he didn't feel sick. Eduardo tried to recall some drinking game that involved a zombie movie as he pushed the bathroom door open, but he immediately stopped in his tracks at what he saw.

It took about five seconds before he drew back, slammed the door behind him and leaned against it. "Oh god!" he screamed, covering his face with his long hands. "Jesus Christ, Mark! Lock the fucking door!"

Holy shit. If Eduardo wasn't hallucinating, then he was sure that he just saw Mark naked -- all stripped down and dirty, maybe even a little bit sweaty, and -- oh god, oh god, that was never supposed to happen. There wasn't a life where that was allowed to happen.

"Wardo?" Mark sounded calm enough, but he sounded annoyed. Eduardo tried to calm himself down, too, because at least Mark wasn't freaking out like he was. "Wardo, what the fuck is your problem?"

Eduardo took a deep breath, running a hand through his messy hair. "I -- I, you were naked, and I… I looked." He started feeling a little ashamed when he looked down at his trousers and saw a slight bulge -- he immediately moved away from the bathroom door, swearing as he took a seat back on the couch, and by then, the idea had already formed in his head.

He couldn't stop licking his lips, even more so when he heard the water start to run with no further reply from Mark. Eduardo had his hand on his lap,and he was tightly biting his lips, eyes landing on everything else in the dorm but his fucking uncooperative dick.

"Down boy," he muttered, a futile effort, pressing his palm against his crotch and rubbing downwards. His eyes fell closed and every single variation of this is a bad idea ran through his mind as his knees pushed further away from each other.

He bit harder on his lip as he popped the button open and slipped the zipper down, already feeling guilty for even thinking about touching himself here, of all places, and because of Mark, of all the people he could be thinking about, but all that was going through him was Mark, Mark, Mark.

Eduardo took a deep breath, unable to deny the images of Mark whenever he closed his eyes -- all the ridges that carved on Mark's arms and back, the pale of his tummy, the blush that reached his chest. Eduardo licked his lips, imagining Mark do the same, as he pulled his erection out, holding it by its base. He let out a shaky breath at the release from the confined space of his pants, and he solemnly licked the palm of his hand, wishing that somebody else was touching him. Eduardo let out a small sigh, eyes glancing quickly towards the bathroom door.

He thought of Mark in the bathroom, pressed against the sink, the corner of his lips quirked up in a smirk and his eyes dead on Eduardo, daring him to come closer. Eduardo didn't even think about suppressing the hums that moved past his lips as his hands started to move at a slow pace, catching the tiny movements of his hips.

It looked like a bad scene from a porno: Eduardo touching Mark everywhere in slow motion, sucking on the skin where Mark's neck and shoulder met, pressing their hips together so there was literally nothing between them. On the couch, Eduardo let his head fall back, his bottom lip a wet redredred.

He gives himself long, soft strokes, squeezing tighter at the reddening tip, fingers curling along the underside and carressing. Mark continued to orbit around his thoughts, Mark's hand at the back of Eduardo's neck while he was on his knees, Mark all warm inside Eduardo's mouth. He wished he had a better memory, he already knew that the image of Mark from earlier was going to be something he'll keep coming back to.

Eduardo's bottom lip was caught between his teeth again as he looked down on his grip, his free hand slowly moving past the fabric to cup and massage his balls. He let out a tiny moan and breathed out, "Feels good," like it was his dirtiest, dirtiest, dirtiest secret.

It was wrong, exploiting Mark like that, but Eduardo ached for it anyway, groaned at the wet friction on his length. He continued to imagine the scene the way he wanted it to play out -- Mark pulling roughly at his hair as he sucked him off, Mark not even trying to keep quiet, Mark encouraging him.

"Fuck." Mark bending him over the sink, Mark's fingers inside of him. Eduardo's breath hitched, and he allowed himself another moan, long and low, before he wet his lips again. "So good," he whined, his hips lifting upwards to meet his own hand.

Eduardo wished he could feel the slap of Mark's skin on his ass while he fucked Eduardo, feel the sting and the stretch with the confirmation that yeah, Mark is that big. "God, fuck me," he said under his breath, his twists and pulls getting messier, more frantic.

"Shit." He could feel his end coming, the sensation in the pit of his stomach growing more and more unbearable. With his other hand pressed against the couch, he thrusted his hips faster, his hand still running up and down his shaft.

Eduardo held his breath as he came, letting out short grunts from his clenched teeth, his hand pulling him all the way through. He looked down on his hand, covered in his own seed. His vision blurred from the orgasm, and he felt out of breath, boneless, and sweaty. He was still trying to catch his breath, but he felt incredibly dirty for what he just did.

He picked up the nearest piece of stray clothing, figuring that he could handle that later, and wiped himself off as clean as much as he could. He wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt and threw it across the room as he stood up to fix his pants and briefs.

"Dustin's going to kill you if he realizes you used his shirt when you jacked off."

Eduardo spun around, eyes wide, mouth hanging open at Mark, who was fully dressed and rubbing his hair dry with a towel. He was smirking, and god that wasn't helping the situation.

"Mark -- I can explain," Eduardo started to say, his hands up to defend himself.

But the other boy just shrugged, his face falling blank. He slung the towel around his shoulders and said, "You don't have to."

After that, Eduardo watched Mark turn around and head to his computer, already rebooting the systems, acting like he didn't just catch his best friend jacking off to more or less himself.

Eduardo stood there, still and dumbfound. He wrapped his arms around himself because he didn't know what to do with his hands. In all honestly, he was finding a hard time trying to wrap his head around the situation and whether or not these things were actually happening.



Eduardo shifted on his feet, and he honestly considered just running out of the suite and to his dorm where he could comfortably die from embarrassment and never show his face to Mark ever again.

"Why didn't you stop me?" There was no denying the hitch of nervous hope in his voice, but Mark didn't even turn his head to look at Eduardo, and continued to type and click away.

Mark's answer came quick, with no signs of hesitation and second guessing. He shrugged again and answered, "I'm more of a hands-on kind of guy."
Tags: mark/eduardo
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