zrisj (zrisj) wrote,

sooner surrender.

a jesse/andrew mix
(in jesse's point of view)

o1. big jet plane - angus and julia stone
she said, "hello mister,
pleased to meet you,"
i wanna hold her
i wanna kiss her

o2. oh, it is love - hellogoobye
oh dear, it's been hardly a moment
and you are already missed
there is still a bit of your skin
that i've yet to have kissed

o3. my favorite book - stars
how i know your face
all the ways you move
you come in, i can read you,
you're my favorite book

o4. stars - the cranberries
but i still have my weaknesses
but i still i have my strength
still i have my ugliness
but i love you just the way you are

o5. animations - athlete
all those dreams,
they're still in there somewhere
they come to life
while i still sleep
but in these dreams of animation,
won't you come with me?

o6. sooner surrender - matt nathanson
in my sweetest dreams
it's just you and me
and we break wide
i wake reminded love
how I just gave up
and how you moved on

Tags: andrew/jesse, mix
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